Episode 440 – battered group syndrome

Fear the Boot, RPG Podcast show

Summary: * (1:43) Introducing our topic from Lars-Hendrik: Groups that have been abused by their GM.<br> * (4:10) Knowing about the problems prior to the first game versus finding out when the game is in progress.<br> * (8:00) Mending trust through transparency, patience, and consistency.<br> * (12:22) Intentionally making mistakes. Rolling above the board.<br> * (16:12) The bad behaviors we learn when coping with negative people.<br> * (22:57) Eric’s road to recovery. Realigning your view of the game. Cheating for the players and making deals.<br> * (35:04) Picking the right game for a battered group.<br> * (38:23) Handing off the GM seat.<br> Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Eric<br>