Animal Spirit Guides - Dr. Steven Farmer

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Summary: The phrase "Animal Spirit Guides" is just what the name implies: spirit guides who are in animal form. Sometimes they are called Spirit Animals, Totem Animals or Power Animals. Our long ago ancestors believed - as do todays worldwide indigenous peoples - that those ethereal beings, through their spiritual powers, helped them in their daily lives by providing protection, guidance and healing.Take a moment in your busy day to relax, center and connect so that you may manifest and attract to you ... Love, Joy, Peace, Prosperity, Abundance and Happiness. Presence and Inspiration can be a driving force of life .... be present in your own life everyday and be amazed by your Divine birthright to manifest. LIVE LIFE WELL .... the journey begins right here, right now. Take charge of your life. Your host, Kimberley is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Consultant, certified life coach and professional speaker. Kimberley, is a former USA Olympic qualifying athlete, former American Record holding athlete,and a former United States Marine, she works with some of the top names in Professional Athletics, Entertainment and the Music Industry. She is happy to help you realize your Soul's dreams.