The 20MR Episode 107: Transparency

The 20 Minute Runner show

Summary: (THIS MP3 IS CLEAN. SORRY FOR THE FIRST FEW DEFFECTIVE UPLOADS) We are beginning yet again--after almost a year. While it has not been a year since we ran, it has been a while. A few reasons, one of them the most legitimate: pain. Not just the pain of the body, but the pain of loss.   While I thought about waiting until I "had it all together" with the running, I decided to be as transparent as possible and bring you into the loop. Things will get better; I promise. But until they do, I wanted to include you in the climb back up the ladder of physical struggle. We are all in this "run" of life together.   You will also notice the new theme music (more about that in the podcast itself). Heck, we even have a new logo designed by Yours Truly. You can find the opening and closing theme music, "You'll Come Too" by Barefoot McCoy at Free Music Archive. It is used under a Creative Commons Liscense. You can also check out the