220: Stretching Your Vision, with Dr. Matt Hubbard

Life on Fire TV (Video) – Online Business Coaching With Nick Unsworth show

Summary: Hey hey! Welcome to episode 220 of Life on Fire. Today’s guest is someone you should listen to not because of the size of his bank account or the success of his businesses, but because he is a walking, talking, living example of a Life on Fire.<br> <br> Dr. Matt Hubbard is my friend and mentor and one of the greatest teachers I know. He made an extra special appearance at our recent Life on Fire event. This episode is all about how to stretch yourself and expand your vision to have the greatest impact on the world. You’ll hear Dr. Matt walk you through a two-minute exercise to see how big your goals and dreams are, and then he explains how to grow them even bigger. Check it out on episode 220 of Life on Fire!