223: Why Character Is Critical To Success, with Shirley Solis

Life on Fire TV (Video) – Online Business Coaching With Nick Unsworth show

Summary: Hey hey! Welcome to episode 223 of Life on Fire. Character. Have you ever considered the role it plays in success? Whether it’s crossed your mind or not, our guest on this show is talking about why character is critical to success. <br> <br> Shirley Solis is here to share her story of taking a $10,000 grant and turning it into a six-figure business, as well as highlighting the character traits that have played key roles in the success of some very notable people. <br> <br> On this episode, you’ll hear how she came to me as a client about a year and a half ago and how she discovered character and why it’s important to living a life on fire and why being resourceful can help you overcome any odds! This is an inspiring and equally informative show that will help you dig deep to find the character traits you need to creating your own Life on Fire!