227: Why I Am Competing in a Fitness Competition: 5 Steps to Achieving Any Vision

Life on Fire TV (Video) – Online Business Coaching With Nick Unsworth show

Summary: Hey hey! Welcome to episode 227 of Life on Fire. Today’s show is a personal one for me and was a tough show to make and share with you. A lot of people struggle with their weight and I have been one of them. <br> <br> I felt like I was out of integrity with Life on Fire and our mission because every other area of life has been on fire for me and my wife. Our marriage, our business, our finances, our friendships and our faith have all been amazing - but my health and my weight have always been a battle for me. My weight has gone up and done for most of my life, until recently when I decided to change all of that using the same five step process I use for my clients.<br> <br> Listen in to today’s episode to hear how I’m achieving Life on Fire-worthy health and fitness, and how my commitment to maintain it! Whether you struggle with your weight, your love life, your finances or any other area this process will work for you too.