The Importance of Having Investors as Customers: Interview with Eric Stone, CEO of Velano Vascular

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Summary: Eric Stone cofounded Velano Vascular with Dr. Pitou Devgon, an internal medicine physician. Velano's first device, PIVO, enables needle-free blood draws directly from peripheral IV catheters. Velano Vascular is backed by a series of well-respected investment firms, leading U.S. health systems, and dozens of health industry veterans. Before starting Velano Vascular, Stone most recently served as VP of Sales and Marketing for MolecularHealth. Prior to that, he helped launch the world’s first bioabsorable stent for Abbott while working out of their California and Belgium offices. He was also a founding member of Model N’s Life Sciences division and began his career in software marketing with Trilogy. Eric also holds advanced degrees in Business Administration and Education from the Wharton School and Harvard University, respectively. He earned a BA degree in English and Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Interview Highlights with Eric Stone - Why Eric has been referred to as the “Steve Jobs of drawing blood”. - How PIVO compares to the current standard of care for blood draws. - What brought Eric into healthcare after starting his career in software marketing. - Why Eric pursued both an MBA and Masters in Education and how both degrees have benefited him both personally and professionally. - The biggest lessons Eric learned while launching the first bioabsorbable stent with Abbott. - How Eric first connected with Dr. Devgon and the origin story for the PIVO device. - The four milestones Eric and his team accomplished in taking the PIVO device from initial idea to commercial prototype. - Eric’s approach to garnering financial support from healthcare systems and raising money for Velano Vascular. - How the PIVO device fits into the value-based healthcare equation. - Eric’s favorite business book, the CEO he admires most, and what he’d tell his 25-year-old self. This Is What You Can Do Next 1) Listen to the interview with Eric Stone right now: 2) You can also download the mp3 file of the interview by clicking here. Don't forget – you can listen to this interview and all of the other Medsider interviews via iTunes.  And if you get a chance, leave us an honest rating and review. The post The Importance of Having Investors as Customers: Interview with Eric Stone, CEO of Velano Vascular appeared first on Medsider.