The 20MR Episode 103: Project GB #1

The 20 Minute Runner show

Summary: I cannot believe that we finally have another episode out! It has been too long. Anyway, this is the first episode of many that I almost did not do. Why? It is about Project GB (to almost steal a phrase from <a href="">Coach Jeff</a>). Whereas he has been working on Project PB, I am working on project "Getting Back." <br> <br> The road has been long, but I am now ready to get the show...and running for that matter...on the road. In this episode, I share a little about what has been happening with me and why I have been away. If you are just beginning running...or are getting back on the wagon, let me extend my hand to lift you up. You can sit beside me!<br> <br> We will be having project GB for several weeks, working our way to 30 minutes of non-stop running--to start. But I promise not to bore you; we will be covering lots of pertinent and interesting topics as we get down the road. Please stay tuned and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or your favorite pod-catcher or feed reader.<br> <br> And as always,<br> <br> Thanks for sharing some of the road with me,<br> <br> The 20 Minute Runner<br> _________________________<br> <br> <br> The introductory and closing music of the podcast is by Roger Subirana Mata and is entitled "Rituals at Dusk." Check<br> it out at <a href="">Jamendo</a>.<br>