The 20MR Episode 107: Transparency

The 20 Minute Runner show

Summary: <br> (THIS MP3 IS CLEAN. SORRY FOR THE FIRST FEW DEFFECTIVE UPLOADS) <br> We are beginning yet again--after almost a year. While it has not been a year since we ran, it has been a while. A few reasons, one of them the most legitimate: pain. Not just the pain of the body, but the pain of loss. <br>   <br> While I thought about waiting until I "had it all together" with the running, I decided to be as transparent as possible and bring you into the loop. Things will get better; I promise. But until they do, I wanted to include you in the climb back up the ladder of physical struggle. We are all in this "run" of life together. <br>   <br> You will also notice the new theme music (more about that in the podcast itself). Heck, we even have a new logo designed by Yours Truly. You can find the opening and closing theme music, "<a href="">You'll Come Too</a>" by <a href="">Barefoot McCoy</a> at <a href="">Free Music Archive</a>. It is used under a Creative Commons Liscense. You can also check out the <a href="">Youtube video</a> as well. The song in the body of the podcast is entitled <a href="">"Hachiko (The Faithful Dog)"</a> and is by The Kyoto Connection. It too is used under a Creative Commons Liscense.   <br>   <br> Seriously, it's going to be a lot of fun as we get going down this road together. Please share the podcast on FB, Twitter and join me on Daily Mile. Spread the word!  <br> And as always, <br> Thanks for sharing some of the road with me. <br> Roland, aka, The 20 Minute Runner <br>   <br>   <br>  <br>