The 20MR Episode 108: Renewal-Let’s Get Creative/YouTube Channel Launch

The 20 Minute Runner show

Summary: <br> Wecome to this episode of The 20MR podcast. In case you get lost during the opening, we begin with some of the audio from the first installment of "The 20 Minute Runner Video Podcast Extra." That says a lot to say this: we have launched a YouTube channel. You can find the link on this page either on the sides (laptop/desktop) or near the bottom of the screen in the mobile view.<br> I won't bore you with going over what The 20 Minute Runner YouTube Channel is about--you can listen during this episode or go there via the link mentioned above. However, I do have a favor (or two):<br> --Subscribe to the audio podcast from this page (look for links)<br> --Subscribe to the YouTube channel from YouTube (again, the link to the channel is on this page).<br> It's always good to have you with me, regardless of how we connect. Can you take a minute and check out the FB, Twitter, The Daily Mile, etc. links and give me a shout out? Also, I am always welcoming new "friends" to the various social media outlets linked on this page. I would love to hear from you.<br> We hope to have another audio podcast out in a couple of weeks, video podcast extras as we get to them; that is still a work in progress. Share the links with your running friends if you would. I would appreciate your help with promoting The 20 Minute Runner offerings for me.<br> You can find the opening and closing theme music, "<a href="">You'll Come Too</a>" by <a href="">Barefoot McCoy</a>at <a href="">Free Music Archive</a>. It is used under a Creative Commons Liscense. You can also check out the <a href="">Youtube video</a> as well. The song in the body of the podcast is entitled "<a href="">Love Won't Let You Down</a>" and is by Allie Farris. It too is used under a Creative Commons Liscense.  <br> And as always,<br> Thanks for sharing some of the road with me.<br> Roland, aka, The 20 Minute Runner<br>