034. Advanced ACL rehab with Enda King

Physio Edge podcast show

Summary: The advanced stages of ACL rehabilitation are enjoyable to progress your patients through, and at the same time challenging to find the right exercises, and optimise the rate of progression through to return to training (RTT) and return to play (RTP). In this episode, Enda King from the Sports Surgery Clinic Dublin and David Pope discuss these later stages of rehabilitating your patients following an ACL Reconstruction. We discussed the prehabilitation and early stage ACL Rehab in the Physio Edge podcast episode 32, and episode 34 Enda and I cover in detail: • Return to straight line running and change of direction • Advanced Exercise Programming • What exercises to choose • Proprioception and motor control training • Strength and power programming • Periodisation • Sports specific conditioning • Plyometrics - readiness, what to use and timing of these in the training schedule • Multi-directional performance • Strength testing - what Enda uses, indicators of strength • Decisions on return to training • Return to contact • Decision making on Return to play • Bridging the gap between the gym and the field • Advice for Physios rehabilitating athletes recovering from an ACL reconstruction • When to discharge an ACL athlete • And much more Links of interest Physio Edge podcast episode 32 - How to rehabilitate ACL Injuries with Enda King Enda King Enda on Twitter @enda_king Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin SSC Research Foundation David Pope on Twitter Clinical Edge Webinar program - register your interest Clinical Edge Review the podcast in iTunes David Pope Tags: ACL, knee, injury, anterior cruciate ligament, surgery, rehabilitation, soccer, football, strengthening, movement, non-contact, physiotherapy, physio edge, podcast, enda king, SSC, sports surgery clinic, david pope, clinical edge, advanced, strengthening, proprioception