SOH 019: How to Maximize Your Graduate School Experience with Thomas Sumter

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Summary: In this episode we have Thomas Sumter from Drexel Univesity discussing how to Maximize your graduate school experience.  Thomas is a 1st year graduate student and during this episode, Thomas talks about his first year as a graduate student.  I invite you to listen in on this episode as Thomas tells you exactly what you need to do in order to maximize your graduate school experience.<br> Things mentioned in this episode:<br> <br> * <br> <a href=";authType=NAME_SEARCH&amp;authToken=fqnx&amp;locale=en_US&amp;trk=tyah&amp;trkInfo=clickedVertical%3Amynetwork%2Cidx%3A1-1-1%2CtarId%3A1432513424941%2Ctas%3Athomas%20sumt">Thomas’s LinkedIN Profile </a><br> <br> * <br> <a href="">Drexel University </a><br> <br> * <br> <a href="">SOH Job Search Success Package</a><br> <br> * <br> <a href="">SOH Scholarship Application</a><br> <br> <br>