SOH: 022: How To Build That One Great Resume From Scratch With Joe Konop

Secrets of the Hire: College Student's Guide to Job Interview Tips | Resume Tips | Career Advice | LinkedIN Training show

Summary: <br> In this session of the Secrets of the Hire podcast, I bring on Joe Konop from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.  A lot of you have reached out to me and you’re trying to determine how to set up your resume.  It seems as though you apply to a countless number of jobs but for some reason or another, the employer doesn’t seem to give you a call for a job interview.  You find that you’re in fact qualified for the position but employers still seem to ignore your resume.  Well, no worries, in this session Joe and I talk you through the resume step by step.  Make sure you have a pen and pad because you’re going to need it.<br> Things mentioned in this episode:<br> <br> * <a href="" target="_blank">One Great Resume (Joe Konop)</a><br> * <a href=";authType=NAME_SEARCH&amp;authToken=DxiB&amp;locale=en_US&amp;trk=tyah&amp;trkInfo=clickedVertical%3Amynetwork%2CclickedEntityId%3A12922931%2CauthType%3ANAME_SEARCH%2Cidx%3A1-1-1%2CtarId%3A1438966201709%2Ctas%3Ajoe%20kono" target="_blank">Joe’s Linkedin Profile</a><br> * <a href=";authType=NAME_SEARCH&amp;authToken=DxiB&amp;locale=en_US&amp;trk=tyah&amp;trkInfo=clickedVertical%3Amynetwork%2CclickedEntityId%3A12922931%2CauthType%3ANAME_SEARCH%2Cidx%3A1-1-1%2CtarId%3A1438966201709%2Ctas%3Ajoe%20kono" target="_blank">5 essential elements your resume needs (Forbes Article by Joe)</a><br> * <a href="" target="_blank">6 steps to customizing your resume (Forbes Article by Joe)</a><br> * <a href="" target="_blank">5S5D Job Search Process (Free Course)</a><br> <br>  <br>