Supplements for many diseases, vaccines for seniors, menopause, rosacea, obesity, osteopenia, etc.

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: High levels of Vitamin D are associated with atrial fibrulation and kidney stones; A chemical in garlic is better than antibiotics in fighting some bacterial infections; A woman tries natural remedies to topically treat her rosacea; Should a 63 year old man get pneumonia and shingles vaccinations? Should a woman with autoimmune problems and fibromyalgia get pneumonia or shingles vaccine? Oat bran, soy protein and fish oil are good for reducing cholesterol; The problem of expensive assisted living for elderly parents — balance problems are common in elders; What to expect with impending menopause symptoms and how to address symptoms; Weekly fish intake lowers risk of dementia; Abdominal pain is often hard to diagnose — try ear acupuncture; Caution to someone urged to get ulnar nerve surgery; Caller notes that 5 percent of people who've had hand surgery get the ulnar nerve pain discussed above; Mysterious chronic upset stomach went away while in the hospital — coffee and alcohol intake are suspicious! Contrary to current wisdom, young obese woman have decreased bone density that is reversible using human growth hormone; Dr. Motyka recommends an all-around supplement for bone health; Topical vitamin D is good for psoriasis, as are liquid formulas of other supplements for someone who doesn't like pills; Ablation surgery is a reasonable solution for chronic atrial fibrulation