Acupuncture research and interview with surgeon Dr. James Ochi who uses acupuncture in his practice

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Doctor Dawn's history with acupuncture and news from the 2012 American Academy of Medical Acupuncture meeting; Research shows how acupuncture works to treat irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia; Interview with Dr. James Ochi, a pediatric head and neck surgeon who integrates acupuncture into his work; Tonsillectomy still very common for children with snoring/sleep issues — acupuncture reduces inflammation and post-operative pain; Acupuncture reduces the use of antibiotics for treating sinusitis; Dr. Ochi also uses acupuncture to increase mother's milk supply, treat post-concussion headache and vomiting, vertigo and chronic migraine headaches; Self-stimulating an acupuncture point on your chest can reduce allergy symptoms; Using PENS acupuncture for sciatica and disc pain