All about sleep apnea: Discussion and caller questions about sleep disorders with Dr. Aaron Morse

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Sleep apnea is explained by Dr. Aaron Morse, a pulmonary and sleep specialist in Santa Cruz, CA; The physiological effects of sleep apnea: inflammation leading to cardiovascular effects and hypertension; Obesity is very important risk factor — Who else is at risk for sleep apnea? CPAP and other treatments for sleep apnea; A child with chronic nasal congestion and a discussion of allergies and sleep apnea in children; More discussion about sleep apnea in children and the oral device treatment to open the airway at night; A caller with severe sleep apnea was helped by throat surgery — different surgical treatments are discussed; A woman uses an oral device for her sleep apnea and more about adjusting to the CPAP machine; More discussion of the surgical options for sleep apnea with a caller who doesn't want to use CPAP; A woman talks with about how she adapted and benefits from using CPAP, including weight loss; More questions about the CPAP system from a caller who loves how it's helping her; Upper airway resistance syndrome is a controversial relative of sleep apnea; Did my severe sleep apnea contribute to my cardiac health and eventual heart attack?