How Work Changes You with Vicky Dain- CR012

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Summary: What impact does work have on your personality, attitudes, and behaviors toward others, both within and outside work? In this episode of Career Relaunch, Vicky Dain, a former corporate lawyer turned clinical psychologist discusses why she decided to say farewell to working in a fancy law firm to pursue other career interests during her “fertile void” of professional exploration. I also share some thoughts on the how work can radically change you without you even noticing.<br> Key Career Insights<br> <br> * Your job has a way of changing who you are, how you treat others, and who you’re becoming, whether you realize it or not.<br> * If you’re making major decisions about your career, opening up a bit of breathing room and headspace for yourself can be incredibly clarifying.<br> * When you’re getting so much fulfillment from your work, you may no longer need as many material job perks that once made you happy.<br> <br> Tweetables to Share<br> Resources Mentioned<br> <br> * Vicky referred to this concept of the fertile void, where stillness and emptiness can actually facilitate the process of planting some seeds for the future. This <a href="" target="_blank">article in Vitality Magazine</a> describes this concept in more detail.<br> * We talked about why leaving your job behind can sometimes be difficult. Here are my thoughts on the <a href="" target="_blank">5 Main Reasons People Resist Career Changes</a>, featured in Classy Career Girl.<br> * I wrote about how work molds you more than you realize in this <a href="" target="_blank">Fast Company Article</a> on What I Learned from my Three Career Changes.<br> <br> <br> Free Tool: How is work changing who I am?<br> During this episode’s Mental Fuel segment, I talked about how work can change you more than you realize. To clarify how work is changing you, download your free “Who am I becoming” Worksheet.<br> <br> <br> About Vicky Dain, Clinical Psychologist in Training<br> Above are a few pics from Vicky’s explorations during her “fertile void.”<br> Victoria Dain began her career with a First in Mathematics from UCL, before training as a lawyer. She practised corporate law in the London for three years, but left to explore careers that she felt had a more positive impact on the world. Having tried a variety of fields, she found Clinical Psychology allowed her to use her intellectual and professional capabilities for more meaningful ends. After 3 years experience in NHS research and clinical settings, she’s now embarking on a clinical doctorate in Psychology. She lives in East London with her partner and child.<br> Did You Enjoy This Episode? Please Let Us Know!<br> <br> * Tweet: If you enjoyed this episode and have a few seconds to spare, <a href="" target="_blank">Tweet to let me and Vicky know</a>!<br><br> <a class="button orange" href="" target="_blank">Tweet a thank you!</a><br> * Review: I’d also love for you to <a href="" target="_blank">leave a positive review and rating</a> for the podcast on iTunes, which helps my show reach more people who want to relaunch their careers.<br> * Subscribe: Be sure to subscribe to Career Relaunch podcast on <a href="" target="_blank">iTunes</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Stitcher</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Android</a>, or <a href="" target="_blank">Google Play</a> (it’s free) so you don’t miss out on the latest episodes. Full <a href="" target="_blank">instructions</a>.<br>