GARY VAYNERCHUK – Self-Awareness: When you know who you are, everything changes #047

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Summary: Gary Vaynerchuk believes self-awareness is a critical component to success. But what does in mean to be aware of self?<br> <br> Gary started off trading baseball cards, sold wine for his father’s business, started a Youtube channel called Wine Library for said Father’s brand and then turned it into a $60 Million phenomenon. Then he launched a media company, invested in a bunch of startups and co-launched a $25 Million VC seed fund.<br> <br> In his book, #AskGaryVee, Gary states the only chapter that should be read twice is chapter 17 - Self-awareness.<br> <br> On this show, we talk about family and the impact of being self-aware.<br> <br> In This Episode, You'll Discover:<br> <br> • Why Gary doesn’t communicate with his family when he travels<br> • Gary knows this lifestyle isn’t sustainable for his children<br> • Teaching there’s winners and losers<br> • Being kind to every person no matter who they are and what they do<br> • Building enormous amounts of self confidence in my kids<br> • Gratitude, empathy, and self awareness are the billion dollar coconut water idea<br> • When you know who you are, everything changes<br> • Knowing and accepting who you are<br> • Working really hard does not include mismanaging your personal relationships<br> • The wartime general you want around you when times are difficult<br> • and more!