HANS EARLY-NELSON | Coaching call with an artisan blacksmith from Minneapolis, Minnesota #048

Up In Your Business - Upper level thinking, being, and living! show

Summary: Hans Early-Nelson requested some coaching from me. He's an artisan metalsmith from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who specializes in custom metal fabricating, blacksmithing and jewelry. He’s a super-creative guy that reached out to me after listening to an interview I gave on another podcast.<br> <br> In the email Hans sent me, he posed some initial questions about struggles he was having in business. I replied with some thoughts I had and then offered to do a pro-bono coaching call to see if we could explore his challenges a little more deeply as long as he allowed me to record it for the show.<br> <br> Hans agreed and the call you hear has been slightly edited for time, but not for content.<br> <br> On this show we discuss trying to find creativity, being inspired, and how to leverage what you have in order to grow and and move your company forward.<br> <br> In This Episode, You'll Discover:<br> <br> The difficulties of staying focused on your products<br> • Being routinely inspired <br> • Staying enthusiastic about old products while trying to develop R&amp;D on new products<br> • Improving conversion to buyers<br> • Nurturing customers<br> • Why saying YES to one thing requires saying NO to something else<br> • and more!