216: "Today is breeding day" (Charlottetown)

Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids show

Summary: Poetry about the female reproductive system, a violent Easter story, and accidental animal erotica. Recorded live at The Guild in Charlottetown, PE. ## Links ## Rate GRTTWaK in iTunes: http://goo.gl/VlQ3px Join the mailing list: http://goo.gl/XbkCdl Upcoming live events: http://goo.gl/3LQI4U Photos from our Charlottetown event: https://goo.gl/B6zqYp Twitter: http://twitter.com/GRTTWaK Instagram: http://instagram.com/GRTTWaK Facebook: http://facebook.com/grownupsreadthingstheywroteaskids