Manly Almighty Grace

Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie show

Summary: No one would ever think of naming their boy Grace. It's a classic girl's name. To most Christian's today, grace simply means "the accepting hug of God as He overlooks our sinful mess." But this seemingly soft and delicate word with pink bows affixed to its hair boasts one of the strongest and most manly definitions in the entire Bible. Far from being a mere "God hug,” Grace is the grip of God upon our life which lifts us out of our sin, washes us clean, and sets our life in working order with the very quickening power of the Almighty. It's a word with nuclear-like power to alter and renovate the believing man's life, attitude, behavior, impact, and eternal destination. It's high time that we return to the Biblical idea of grace and stick the manly stuff back into the word.