Series - Embracing the Inconvenient - Part 2 of 3

Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie show

Summary: A 3 Part Sermon Series This sermon was an experiment. Back on September 14th of 2014 we tried something completely unorthodox at our church. Eric presented three sermons on a Sunday morning instead of one. Since the classic Ellerslie sermon measures out to around 90 minutes in length, the idea of three Ellerslie sermons each measuring out to around 30 minutes proved a roaring success. With the same great content now in bite-sized pieces, the series model is ideal for short Bible studies with small groups. This particular message, Embracing the Inconvenient, was the perfect theme for launching a new era at Ellerslie. It’s one of the most basic truths that defines who we are and what we do.