Series - 44 Happily-Ever-After Lane - Part 2 of 2

Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie show

Summary: A 2 Part Sermon Series There is a piece of property that every Christian longs to live at: 44 Happily-Ever-After Lane. This historic property contains the most beautiful and peaceful setting anyone could ever wish to live; and yet it is the place of suffering, difficulty, and war. Sounds like quite the contradiction doesn’t it? In this whimsical and powerful two-part message, Eric Ludy talks about the life of a Christian, the benefits and difficulties that come with it, and the desperate need for forgiveness in our lives. When 44 Happily-Ever-After Lane is riddled with unforgiveness, it can no longer be the beautiful estate God desires us to live in. If you find forgiveness difficult, this sermon will unveil the power to do the impossible.