What To Leave In 2013!

Myleik Teele's Podcast show

Summary: AAAHHH! The last day of the year. There's something so magical about the NEW YEAR! We make resolutions, we talk about all of the things we'd like to do better to do NEW in the NEW YEAR and my hope is that you stick to it! I have compiled a list of things I think you should LEAVE in 2013! 1. Negative inner (and outer dialogue). 2. Half-assing. Do things wholeheartedly. 3. Family drama (and all other dramas). 4. Overspending. 5. No accountability. Let's talk about these vision boards. 6. Complaining. Start everyday with THANK YOU! 7. Being afraid to LOVE. 8. Lazy presentations. 9. Not being deliberate & intentional. 10. Not being prepared for YOUR moment!