One year anniversary special episode! Exclusive coffee interview with the Peabody Duckmaster, a new espresso, AND a surprise guest host

Circus Coffee's Search for the Best Mocha Latte In the World show

Summary: This week is a special anniversary episode as Search for the Best Mocha Latte in the World celebrates 1 year of mocha latte goodness and podcasting! This week you'll get to meet none other than the Duckmaster of the Peabody Little Rock, hear about Circus Boy's epic motorcycle trip, taste a new Super espresso , find out what the WBC is, and a new music hit from Moddog. All of this AND a surprise guest host. So, bake a cake, take out the birthday candles, brew some coffee, and give it a listen! WARNING: many shots of espresso were consumed in the making of this've been warned.