MYST 113: Calorie Counting or Food Choices?

Make Your Someday Today Podcast : Reach Your Goal Weight and Become the Person You Deserve show

Summary: Calories are calories, right? I mean, if over 7 days you burn 3500 calories more than you consume, doesn’t that mean you will automatically lose 1 pound? Popcorn, apples, butter, quinoa, bacon, tofu, lentils and dark chocolate. A calorie is a calorie.<br> Well, maybe. And maybe not. My friend from LoseIt, Charles Kemp, disagreed with some of my recent statements, and I wanted to further explore his comments and find a way to bring both of our belief systems into closer alignment. Because, in my humble opinion, we are both correct!<br> <a href=""></a><a href=""></a><br> Photos via <a href=""></a> by Couleur.<br> —————————————————————<br> Music composed and performed by Jason Shaw, courtesy of<a href=""></a><br> Voiceover courtesy of Matt Young. Matt is a <a href="">professional voiceover artist</a>. If you have any need of voice-over work, for your podcast, radio spot, or whatever, you can reach Matt by a variety of methods. He is on <a href="">LinkedIn</a>. On <a href="">Twitter</a>. And <a href="">Google+</a>. And you can read his really nice, contemplative<a href=""> blog</a>. Matt was also my guest on <a href="">MYST 54</a>. Give his story a listen!<br>