Japan News This Week 16 October 2016

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Summary: 今週の日本 When You Have to Go, Japanese Rest Stops Won’t Keep You Waiting New York Times Shrinking Population: How Japan Fell Out of Love with Love BBC Japanese train conductor blames foreign tourists for overcrowding Guardian In setback for female empowerment, Tokyo court rejects teacher’s bid to use maiden name at work Japan Times Reconsidering Zen, Samurai, and the Martial Arts Japan Focus Last Week's Japan News on the JapanVisitor blog Statistics Girls Opportunity Index. 1. Sweden 2. Finland 3. Norway 4. Netherlands 5. Belgium 6. Denmark 7. Slovenia 8. Portugal 9. Switzerland 10. Italy 15. United Kingdom 27. South Korea 32. USA 35. Japan Source: Save The Children © JapanVisitor.com Inside Track Japan For Kindle