Pregnancy ultrasound with the linear probe……WHAT?!?  Calm down and just listen.  #FOAMED

Ultrasound Podcast show

Summary: Oh, so close!  You see what looks like a gestational sac, and you feel like you can kind of imagine a yolk sac, but you just can’t make out that yolk sac. So, I guess it’s time for a transvaginal ultrasound, right?  Wrong!  Well, maybe.  You’ll probably need a transvaginal ultrasound, but not in everyone.  Before you pull that trigger, take a look transabdominally with the linear probe and you can avoid the transvaginal ultrasound in about 1/3rd of those cases. Watch here to find out how. Also, if you thought you missed out on Cabo, you’re in luck!  Registration is open again as we made a few more spots.  They won’t last long, though.  Register now at Follow us:  @ultrasoundpod Learn with us: Register:  Cabofest Ultrasound Course, Castlefest 2017, FREE Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound eBook: Volume 1 Volume 2 One Minute Ultrasound Smartphone App for iOS One Minute Ultrasound Smartphone App for Android