UniPrint / Citrix Ready – VDI, RDS & Citrix Printing Podcast – Episode 252

DABCC Radio: Cloud, Desktop, Mobility, Virtualization Podcasts (Citrix, VMware, Microsoft) show

Summary: In episode 252, Douglas Brown interviews Arron Fu, Founder and Vice President, Software Development at UniPrint. Plus, we are happy to have Sagnik Datta, Technical Marketing Specialist at Citrix Ready with us and UniPrint customer Matthew Milando, Manager, Windows Services System Integration at WestRock Company with us! Together we will learn all about UniPrint’s Printing solution, how it solves printing problems in the real world and much more! About UniPrint UniPrint.net pioneered the use of PDF-based universal printer driver technology to streamline and enhance printing in Server-based Computing (SBC) environments. Today, we are the recognized leader in printing virtualization. The patented and award-winning UniPrint™ Suite provides a comprehensive range of enhanced-printing solutions for all computing environments. UniPrint™ solutions optimize printing functionality, minimize printer management, improve print security and reduce bandwidth consumption. Using UniPrint, millions of workers in over 70 countries enjoy efficient and seamless printing. UniPrint.net is proud to be able to help customers in large and small, public and private sector organizations to increase productivity and reduce costs. The newest solution in UniPrint’s patented, award-winning product line, UniPrint Infinity™ v9 is the industry’s first truly secure enterprise-wide solution for any computing environment. Enabling anywhere, anytime, any device secure pull printing, UniPrint Infinity comes with proven ROI through its statistics module, print document archiving functionality and secure mobile printing modules, as well as high availability with load balancing. UniPrint Infinity replaces all manufacturer printer drivers with a single PDF generator to promote faster, more efficient printing, helping organizations to improve both productivity and return on investments. For more information please visit: www.uniprint.net LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/uniprint Twitter: https://twitter.com/UniPrintVPQ About Citrix Ready Citrix Ready identifies recommended solutions that are trusted to enhance the Citrix Delivery Center infrastructure. All products featured in Citrix Ready have completed verification testing, thereby providing confidence in joint solution compatibility. Leveraging its industry leading alliances and partner ecosystem, Citrix Ready showcases select trusted solutions designed to meet a variety of business needs. Through the online catalog and Citrix Ready branding program, you can easily find and build a trusted infrastructure. Citrix Ready not only demonstrates current mutual product compatibility, but through continued industry relationships also ensures future interoperability. Learn more at https://citrixready.citrix.com About Arron Fu, CTO & Managing Partner Arron Fu is a member of the UniPrint.net leadership team and responsible for all aspects of strategic product development. Arron is the creator of the patented and award-winning UniPrint™ universal printer driver technology specifically designed for optimizing printing functionality and simplifying administration in multi-user, server-based computing environments. An IT industry veteran, prior to UniPrint.net Arron spent 15 years in the field of consulting, system installation/integration, and application design and development across business functions, processes and industries. He holds a degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering from the University of Manitoba as well as a number of industry standard qualifications.