Podcast #32 Episode 8 of The City of the Dead

Brando Classic Old Time Radio Podcast show

Summary: It's time now for episode eight Of Carlton E Morse's, The city of The Dead. We are down to the final three episodes and today we Will see if we get some answers. What happened to Captain Friday? Is Dead, possibly Kidnapped? With Mayor Friday And Jimmy both pointing the finger at each other for murder, Doc Tooner is forced to play the role of peacemaker. The 1 TB portable USB drive has returned To our website and is only $139. You get a 1 TB portable storage Preloaded with 36,000 old time radio programs for only $139. It's a great deal on a great Drive And you still have about over half of it empty So you can go back up your data and files or whatever want to do with the rest of the free storage. You can get yours today by going to BrandoclassicOTR.com/1tb.