Podcast #34 City of the Dead Episode 9

Brando Classic Old Time Radio Podcast show

Summary: Why does Mayor Friday want to be alone with Phyllis while Doc Tooner and Jimmy go investigating? Find out today on episode 9 Of the City of the Dead. Hello and welcome to podcast 34 from Brando classic old time radio. We are down to the final two episodes of The City of the Dead. On today's episode, after a big healthy breakfast, Doc and Jimmy will go investigating And Phyllis Will be questioned by Mayor Friday. One thing Jimmy And Dr. May discover Is the mystery behind the strange church bell. I hope you enjoy episode 9 of 10 of The City of the Dead. We also want to let you know that the 1 TB drive is back!! Get 36,000+ old time radio shows preloaded on a 1 TB Portable USB drive that's about the size of a smart phone For only $139. To get yours go to http://brandoclassicotr.com/1tb. Enjoy episode 9 of The City of the Dead!!