2016-07-13 Electronica podcast from Magnatune

Electronica podcast from Magnatune.com show

Summary: Electronica podcast (2016-07-13) from Magnatune.com Song listing: ------------ 00:00 Artist: Toni Castells Song: 01-Slaves of Time Album: Slaves of Time URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/toni_castells 04:23 Artist: Homeless Balloon Song: 12-Wrangel Album: Oriental Spaces URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/homeless_balloon 13:04 Artist: Stephen Schweyen Song: 03-Hi Rise Album: Set Future URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/schweyen 19:23 Artist: DJ Markitos Song: 04-Black Mystery (138 BPM Remix) Album: Slower Emotions-138 BPM Remixes URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/dj_markitos 26:47 Artist: Philipp Weigl Song: 02-Planetenstaaten Album: Land and Water URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/weigl 32:31 Artist: Tokee Song: 10-Numbers (Research Version) Album: Quintuplet URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/tokee 36:38 Artist: Francois Couture Song: 04-Pink Lady (feat Martin Verret) Album: Ground Cherry URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/francois_couture 41:18 Artist: The Rapture Song: 04-Its Freak Album: Garden of Fugitives URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/the_rapture 45:27 Artist: Mystified Song: 02-Detective Album: Detective Tension URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/mystified 50:00 Artist: Rildrim Song: 04-Sunlit Lakes Album: Ecosystems URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/rildrim 61:12 closing credits --------------------------------------------------------------------------- All music played on our podcasts comes from http://magnatune.com More info: http://magnatune.com/podcasts/details/magnatune_electronica_podcast_2016_07_13 Podcast home: http://magnatune.com/podcasts/electronica Subscribe: http://magnatune.com/podcasts/xml/electronica.xml