Squirt School! Learn How To Have Squirting Orgasms with Raine Leigh

Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward show

Summary: Devi speaks with bestselling author, Raine Leigh about how to have squirting orgasms alone and with your partner. Find out: * The history behind squirting * Why we rely upon porn for sex education- and that good and bad of that * The importance of a holistic approach to sexuality * Why tantra is not only a valuable solution to female ejaculation, but also a key to greater sexual pleasure and a solution for all types of sexual issues (many sexual issues originate from shame, and other mental/emotional roadblocks). About Raine Leigh: As heard on Eminem's Sirius XM channel (Shade 45/All Out Show), Raw Sex Radio, PPRN, and others. Author/Life Coach/Speaker and Instructor of Squirt School R. Leigh writes books which share her most intimate experiences in order to help other people learn to accept they are worthy of love, pleasure and happiness. Her focus is on encouraging others to live a holistic lifestyle, taking into account that mental health, physical health and other factors affect all aspects of our lives. Website: http://www.authorrleigh.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/authorrleigh Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorRLeigh/ ty/