Can Orgasms Reprogram Your Brain?

Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward show

Summary: What are the positive affects of orgasm on the human brain, and can orgasmic pleasure be used to "reprogram" neural pathways and change toxic behaviors? Join Devi and Grand Trine Tantra Master, Thomas Hargrove, as they discuss using pleasure as medicine to alter consciousness by changing brain patterns. Find out: * What causes distortions in self perception * What are Counterfeit Personality Structures? * How do you manage a C.P.S? * What is Neural Plasticity? * 3 Layers of the Brain and its Functions * Reprogramming the mind with pleasure. About Thomas Hargrove~ AKA "Sirius Healer" is a World Hall of Fame Martial Arts Inductee, Energy Healer, Lecturer, National Grand Trine Tantra Teacher and Personal Coach whom is also an active member of the Internationally known "G-Style Dance Crew". He has studied numerous "closed door" systems on Energy Healing Sciences and Sacred Arts of various cultures. He will be featured as one of presenters in an upcoming documentary called "Blow: The Power of Human Consciousness and The Science of the Breath". Find out more at: Connect at: Twitter @siriuselevation Facebook Sirius Healer/Sirius Gent Instagram SiriusGent