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The 20 Minute Runner show

Summary: We are making progress. You join me today on the 8th run since we have started project "GB"  (Getting Back). It will take a few more short weeks before we get to where we can run the full 30 minutes without walking; we will get there.I begin this episode with a short clip from when I visited my mother several days ago in the nursing facility back home in Duplin County, NC. It was a good visit and you get to hear just a few minutes of the beginning. If there is someone in your life who needs a visit from you: do it asap! We never know when we will have that last opportunity.We close things out with listener correspondence. I always love hearing from my listeners! If you would, send me an email, contact me on FB, or use the Speakpipe button on the homepage (not available on the app or mobile: sorry! I would love to hear from you, regardless of how.We will be back in 2 weeks with another episode. Until then, share the 20 Minute Runner information with your running friends and contact me. I will share your correspondence on an upcoming episode.And as always,Thanks for sharing some of the road with me,The 20 Minute Runner_________________________The opening and closing music is by The Jefferson, and is entitled "Running." It can be found at Music Alley and is used under a CC license.  The music video of the song can be found on YouTube.The song in the body of the podcast is by Mirva and is entitled "Stay With Me" and is used under a CC license. Check it out at Jamendo.