eero unboxed, installed, and discussed on HSS 296

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Summary: I got some help from Jose Ortiz because he ordered a truckload of eero’s and has them powered up.  Also, how does it stand up to Ubiqiti, Open Mesh, Luma, and others?  Is it too expensive?  What does eero and Luma need to do in the coming months?  I also explain some testing trouble with WiFi and we say goodbye to an old friend.  See ya  Don’t worry, we already have a replacement for you.  It’s eero vs luma vs open mesh vs ubiquiti and more!<br>  <br> Big thanks to Jose Ortiz for helping me out on this one. He is a great podcaster.<br> Do you have a blog? <a href="" target="_blank">Monetize it without running ugly ads</a>.<br> Remember and use these links to shop with!<br> Amazon – <a href=""></a><br> NewEgg – <a href=""></a><br> Woot – <a href=""></a><br> Microsoft – <a href=""></a><br> This podcast is a member of <a href="" target="_blank">The Geeks Network</a>.  Check out other great podcasts and forums there.<br> is <a href="" target="_blank">hosted by</a><br> <a href="">Follow the Podcast on Twitter!</a><br> <a href="">Watch and Subscribe on YouTube</a><br> [iTunes] <a href=";offerid=146261&amp;type=3&amp;subid=0&amp;tmpid=1826&amp;">Subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes(MP3).</a><br><br> [Zune] <a>Subscribe to the Podcast in the Zune Marketplace.</a><br><br> [RSS] <a href="">Add the Podcast feed to your RSS aggregator.</a><br> <a href="" target="_blank">Eero in the forums</a><br> Reddit ama links<br> <a href=""></a><br> <a href=""></a><br> <br> <br>