Lung Ultrasound part 2.  Pulmonary Edema with @ultrasoundmd.  #FOAMED. Check out before it’s too late!

Ultrasound Podcast show

Summary: Finishing up the spring back to the basics series with lung ultrasound.  Let’s keep it basic and talk about pulmonary edema. How good is ultrasound for this exactly?  How does it compare to the physical exam and X-ray?  Let’s find out! Also, don’t forget to come learn with us in January in Cabo!  It’s gonna be phenomenal! Follow us:  @ultrasoundpod Learn with us: Register:  Cabofest Ultrasound Course FREE Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound eBook: Volume 1 Volume 2 One Minute Ultrasound Smartphone App for iOS One Minute Ultrasound Smartphone App for Android