february playlist - 112 bpm' good or great man mix

minimal show by john smthg show

Summary: Hi all, let's slow just a little. The tenth year of the minimal show must be great... enjoy! playlist : 01 I Am Halo, I Don't Ever Know, Voltage Musique; 02 Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra, The Burning (Desire), Get Physical Germany; 03 Dionigi, Contraction, Quantistic Division; 04 WhoMadeWho, Ember, Get Physical Germany; 05 Jacque(s), Tout Est Magnifique, Pain Surprises; 06 Soulphiction, Black Woman, Freude Am Tanzen Germany; 07 Feindrehstar; Night Rainer 2, Musik Krause Germany 08 Four Tet, Lion (Jamie xx remix), Text; 09 Ilo, It's You, Rebirth; 10 Douglas Greed feat Kuss, Nocturnal, Voltage Musique.   minimal show on iTunes    minimal show feed