december playlist - disarmed dance mix

minimal show by john smthg show

Summary: This one is dedicated to all people killed while they just wanted have fun. You can kill us all, you never go to heaven! Peace playlist : 01 DrumTalk, Lose Again, Crosstown Rebels; 02 Till Von Sein feat Mr V, The Manifest (Pablo Fierro remix), Suol Germany; 03 The Unhottest, We All We Are, Dessous Germany; 04 Davide Squillace & Plugger,  Waxoline,  This And That; 05 Basic Operators feat The Lazarus Man, The Thick & Thin Of It All (Acumen remix), Galaktika; 06 Ricky Ebner, Diffuse Clouds, Frucht; 07 Groove Armada, Get Down (Walker & Royce Meltdown remix), Moda Black; 08 Huxley, Weapon, Aus Music; 09 Polder, Catpusher, Bla Bla; 10 Denis Horvat, Purple Fiction (Sub37 edit), Upon You Germany.  minimal show on iTunes    minimal show feed