january playlist - self dysfunction mix

minimal show by john smthg show

Summary: Hi all let's begin this new year with positive attitude, confidence and love! Enjoy. playlist : 01 Fideles, You're too for me, Upon You; 02 Theus Mago, Ritmo Extraterrestre, Correspondant; 03 Affkt, Brody Posh, Snatch; 04 Stephan Bodzin, Singularity, Life and Death; 05 Timo Maas & James Teej, Thingzz, Rebellion; 06 Marc Romboy & Blake Baxter, Follow the Sound v1, Systematic; 07 Marco Resmann, Where are you feat Mz Sunday Luv, Upon You; 08 David Mayer feat Nght Drps, Helios, Gruuv; 09 H Man, 51 Poland Street, Giant Wheel; 10 Elle P & Iftah, Sick Liar, dOP remix, Souvenir Plus. minimal show on iTunes     minimal show feed