Splendiferous Stories for Slumber: Running With Monsters | Podcast S01E06

Splendiferous Stories For Slumber show

Summary: Welcome one and all to another splendid, suspenseful, splendiferous story for slumber. Let Nerdbong, Nimue and the Professor take your ears on a journey through the theatre of your mind. RUNNING WITH MONSTERS: written and read by Nimue Brown  Introduced by Professor Elemental  We at Nerdbong hope that you enjoy this delicious delight and may your dreams be not so dark.Sleep tight. Mind the monsters don’t bite….much. Presented by @prof_elemental and @Nimue_B members of the nerdbong network.  Each episode is presented by our very special guests  Introductions by Professor Elemental, is a Steampunk flavoured mad Professor, his inventions and adventures have taken him around the world. He first got himself noticed with the track ‘Cup Of Brown Joy’ which notched up over a million hits. This was followed by his scuffle with Mr B, resulting in the video ‘Fighting Trousers’. Have a watch of these and his other adventures over on his siteWebsiteMaster storyteller extraordinaire Nimue Brown.Born in Gloucestershire, Nimue Brown has a degree in English Literature and has been writing under other names for about a decade. Having started as a novelist, she came into comics through her relationship with artist husband Tom Brown. Nimue creates graphic novel series Hopeless Maine, and is involved with the Professor Elemental comic. Nimue writes books on Druidry for Moon Books, and fiction for various houses. She tends towards speculative and magical realism, but about the only thing she hasn’t tried is writing for television, and political thrillers. Her influences are diverse- Hayao Miyazaki, George Eliot, Neil Gaiman, Isabelle Allende, Michael Ondaatje, Clive Barker, Charles de Lint Robert Holdstock… to name but a few. She is drawn to mystery, to the numinous and to work that has the power to uplift and inspire.  This is a Nerdbong Network production for Nerdbong.com All the amazing artwork you see on this page was created and generously donated by Tom Brown. Join us on Twitter @Stories4Slumber and @nerdbong Facebook Google Plus