fast Food at the centre of the world Podcast | Ep 008

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Summary: Check out previous episodes here! Food at the Centre of the WorldEpisode 8Join master creator and storyteller Nimue Brown for another enchanting episode of Fast Food at the centre of the World.Imagine that you are a magician of considerable insight and that one morning you worked out that there must be a magical centre to the world. Imagine that after years of research, reasoning, bargaining with supernatural forces, risking your sanity along the edges of faerie and all the usual things magical personages find themselves obliged to do, you located that magical centre.Having found it, you bought it.In a future where poets have replaced rock stars, most of the population are malnourished, drugs are legal but music needs licensing, how would you harness the magical centre of the world?Imagine that you are an idealist with dreams of making everything better and re-greening the urban wastelands.Which would be to say, imagine you are the enigmatic figure called Dunsany, finding yourself in an abandoned car park one evening, beset by zombies and with your best hope for survival being a youthful drug pedlar.Obviously the solution is to build a fast food restaurant.Master storyteller extraordinaire Nimue Brown.Born in Gloucestershire, Nimue Brown has a degree in English Literature and has been writing under other names for about a decade. Having started as a novelist, she came into comics through her relationship with artist husband Tom Brown. Nimue creates graphic novel series Hopeless Maine, and is involved with the Professor Elemental comic.Nimue writes books on Druidry for Moon Books, and fiction for various houses. She tends towards speculative and magical realism, but about the only thing she hasn’t tried is writing for television, and political thrillers.Her influences are diverse- Hayao Miyazaki, George Eliot, Neil Gaiman, Isabelle Allende, Michael Ondaatje, Clive Barker, Charles de Lint Robert Holdstock… to name but a few. She is drawn to mystery, to the numinous and to work that has the power to uplift and inspire.This is a Nerdbong Network production for Nerdbong.comCreated by Nimue Brown and Tom BrownRead by Nimue BrownA Nerdbong production for the Nerbong Network