61| Breaking Out of the Friend Zone - Bobby Rio

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Summary: In this episode Bobby Rio gives advice on: <br>- Bobby's background (04:00) <br>- Bobby's long-term relationship and what he has learned from it (06:40) <br>- Dating life before finding his current relationship (07:40) <br>- Changes that have taken place in the past and Bobby's outlook for the future (09:40) <br>- Turning girls you already know into girlfriends (10:20) <br>- The most important thing that guys have to deal with when turning a friend zone situation back into a more romantic situation (12:35) <br>- Changing a girl's existing perceptions of you as a friend (14:54) <br>- The power dynamic of letting a girl control the interaction between you (21:00) <br>- Breaking the rules and patterns of how you interact with a girl to your advantage (22:45) <br>- How to react to a girl when she questions your changes in taking control to ignite her attraction for you (25:11) <br>- Moving from the friend zone to the attraction zone (29:33) <br>- Your emotion investment in a girl and letting her know your intentions (33:12) <br>- The Scrambler program and what it does for you in terms of being overly emotionally invested in a girl (35:34) <br>- Advice for a long-term approach to getting a girl (37:40) <br>- Dating in social circles: does it change the dating dynamic? (40:18) <br>- Bobby's strongest character attribute (45:22) <br>- Recommendations for high quality advice in dating and relationships (46:14) <br>- Recommendations for how to work with people in the dating and relationship business (49:20) <br>- Top three recommendations to help men get better results with women as fast as possible (50:03) <br><br><br>GET MORE: <a href="https://www.datingskillsreview.com/ep-61-breaking-out-of-the-friend-zone-bobby-rio/">Show Notes &amp; Resources</a>, <a href="https://www.datingskillsreview.com/ep-61-breaking-out-of-the-friend-zone-bobby-rio/#transcript">Interview Transcript</a> and <a href="https://www.datingskillsreview.com/ep-61-breaking-out-of-the-friend-zone-bobby-rio/#comments">Comments</a>. <p> HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD! </p><p> Think this episode was Kick-Ass?<br> <a href="http://www.datingskillsreview.com/itunes/">An iTunes review would be SO appreciated!</a> This is what helps me stand out so I can help more men like you.<br> <a href="http://www.datingskillsreview.com/itunes/">Click here to review the show</a>. </p><p> FEEDBACK </p><p> Hit me up with your comments and guest suggestions. I read EVERYTHING. </p><p> • Email: <a href="mailto:angel@datingskillsreview.com">angel@datingskillsreview.com</a><br> • Get my newsletter: <a href="http://datingskillsreview.com/newsletter/">Click here to get my Newsletter</a><br> • Got a question? Drop it in our voicemail to get it answered: 323.747.5006 </p><p> MORE FREE STUFF:<br> • <a href="http://www.datingskillsreview.com/fasttrack/">Get the Fast Track Dating System</a><br> • <a href="http://www.datingskillsreview.com/gettop13/">Get Monster Brain Dump from our Editorial Team on Top Advice of All Time</a><br> </p>