Episode 33: Murder by Phone Numbers

Friendly Fireside Chats show

Summary: Join us this week as we take on a world filled with ethereal plot lines, crazy guys in rooster masks and more 80s-inspired music than you can shake a stick at, even if you woke up really early one morning and shook all day long. That's right, this week we are talking about Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. How does it play? Is it different than the first? What about that scene you heard so much about? Give us your ears as we reveal all. Along with discussing gratuitous amounts of violence, we talk about: Nintendo's move to mobile, courtesy of new partner DeNA and what it might mean for the Big N Kojima's leaving Metal Gear Solid behind and why it almost certainly doesn't signal the end of Snake how we will not be seeing that Zelda: Netflix show we were so hesitant and excited about the continuing of Life is Strange and the second half of Broken Age A light news week opens up to a good discussion about the game. Neither of us found the time to prepare for Sunless Sea, but it worked out, as we apparently had a fair bit to say about Hotline Miami 2. The MP3 is, of course, right below this wall of text, so go grab it and give it a listen. Alternatively, look for us on iTunes and let the big Apple know that we are oh-so-popular. Our Twitter is still mostly inactive, but we keep plugging it anyways, as isn't that what we are supposed to do in these things? On Facebook, we are staggeringly more active and regularly post. In fact, us telling you this episode is out is almost certainly the reason you're reading this now. I'm not quite clairvoyant, but I would say you shouldn't be surprised when I win the lottery.Finally, if the above avenues of communication just aren't enough, please, please don't hesitate to email us here. We love hearing from you. Next time you guys listen to our dulcet tones, you will have to suffice with a pair of Adams. I'm taking a quick break from the podcast due to April being a busy month and instead of punishing you guys with no content, we are going to just have a guest in the interim. Which works out, as Bloodborne, a PlayStation 4 exclusive, just came out and they can talk about that, as they have fancy new consoles. We look forward to seeing you next time as they surely curse the game's difficulty!