Episode 34: Adam and Adam

Friendly Fireside Chats show

Summary: We're alive! At least, Adam is living. Time will tell if I make it, or if this serves as my last will and testament. This week, Adam is joined by our frequent guest other Adam, who joined us for the Street Fighter 'cast a few months back. This news-only edition of Friendly Fireside Chats sees the Adams talking about a wide range of stories, ranging from Mortal Kombat X and Western fighting games to the separation of Kojima and Konami. Aside from hating on Japan, as Adam is wont to do, the two talk about: the short-lived monetization of modding as seen in Skyrim League of Legends, Dota 2 (and I wasn't even there!) and eSports on ESPN the Ouya, having lived a short and not so successful life, being for sale Konami leaving not only Kojima behind, but maybe the video game market? While we normally run long on the game section, these two today run just about right on the news segment. Our first episode that is of a good length and, don't you know it, I'm not even there for it. The MP3  is below as always, so grab it and plug it in to your MP3 player. Or check us out on iTunes and let it sync up automatically for you, you lazy bum. Twitter is a thing, so follow us on there. Facebook, another thing you guys are into, is something we're actually pretty active on, so like us there and we'll try not to blow up your Facebook feed. Lastly, you can send us an email and we would love to talk to you, about just whatever you like! We love hearing from you. We should be returning to your regularly scheduled programming within the coming weeks. All my friends are married, I'll be moved and everything that could have gone wrong will have gone wrong. Next time, we're going to be talking about the second halves of two games, Broken Age and Life is Strange. The original idea of the podcast was to be a kind of book club and this might be the closest we've come so far to actually achieving that. We'll see you there!