Episode 37: Rockette League

Friendly Fireside Chats show

Summary: Rocket League! The Marvelous Miss Take! A little bit of Snakebird! Summer of Indie is here! Again! Ish! This episode, we take a look at the marvelous The Marvelous Miss Take, a marvelous stealth game missed in 2014 but now, uh, took in 2015. After that, we get in our rocket cars and kick around some soccer balls in the almost-sports-almost-Transformers hit Rocket League! Lots of loot and lots of explosions...we're turning this episode into a Hollywood action movie. Aside from blowing each other up while stealing priceless art, we talk about: Satoru Iwata's passing and how sad it is drug testing in eSports how Xbox's revenue is up a full 27% Evo 2015 and the future of fighting games Shenmue III being the biggest video game Kickstarter ever...kind of. The MP3, that's below. It's also above, in the cloud, in <a title="iTunes" href="https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/friendly-fireside-chats-podcast/id620154238?mt=2">iTunes</a> land where apples are served fresh daily. Subscribe and let the heavenly sounds of our voices being automatically delivered to your computer whenever we post. <a title="Twitter" href="https://twitter.com/BigEndianMedia">Twitter</a>'s another way to hear from us, but probably not as often as you'd like; certainly not as often as we'd like! We put a lot on <a title="Facebook" href="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Friendly-Fireside-Chats/544519162235436?fref=ts">Facebook</a> and, realistically, that's probably where you got here from. If not, like us there and follow our page for updates. Finally, click to send us an <a title="Do it!" href="mailto:friendlyfiresidechats@gmail.com">email</a> and we will love you forever. Next time, we're going to talk about <a href="http://necrodancer.com/">Crypt of the NecroDancer</a> and some other mysterious indie game. What will it be? Only you have the power to decide. Tell us what you want us to play and we'll play it...y'know, unless we don't want to. In which case I'll just talk about Dustforce and DotA some more.