Sonowars part 2 from #SMACC14.  #foamed

Ultrasound Podcast show

Summary: Here it is, the conclusion.  We know the suspense has been killing you.  Who will win:  The Australian experts or the upstarts from the States?  The epic battle continues here. Don’t miss the 2015 version! Register for SMACC 2015 and come join us the week before for several days of ultrasound education in beautiful Yellowstone National Park. In this episode :30 – DVT instruction 2:22 – DVT study research explanation 6:11 – Playdoh heart anatomy! 13:05 – Ultrasound in pulmonary embolism 15:22 – Subpleural lung infarct 15:44 – Cardiac ultrasound 16:05 – Apical 4 chamber 17:30 – Heart made with humans! 20:10 – Pericardiocentesis in a kangaroo? 25:38- Radial fractures 32:10 – Great Race 49:30 – Wrap up Watch on Youtube: Follow us:  @ultrasoundpod Learn with us: Register:  Yellowstone Course eBook   iTunes versions if you prefer the iBooks Textbook format: Volume 1 Volume 2 One Minute Ultrasound Smartphone App for iOS One Minute Ultrasound Smartphone App for Android