- On The Road with Mac & Molly - Episode 36 A Walk with Mac and Molly

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Summary: In this final episode in the series, Donna recalls savored moments from nine years of life with her sibling pair of Old English Sheepdogs. In the first segment, we walk with her through the love-at-first-sight day of Mac and Molly’s adoption to M&M’s abysmal performances in puppy kindergarten. We hear about the dogs’ tug-of-warring with and trashing of furniture, toys and monogrammed dog beds at Gene and Donna’s country home in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Then we’re on to the adjustments to downsized, full-time living in an RV and some of the adventures and misadventures the quartet had while traveling through 30 states. Donna also recounts the dangers against which M&M had to be protected; Mac’s unexpected way of exhibiting sympathy when she was under extraordinary stress; and the daily challenges faced when walking 200 pounds plus of dog. In the second segment of the program, Donna chats with the veterinarian who diagnosed the cancer that was to take Mac’s life. Dr. John Morton, of the Golden Gate Animal Clinic (Naples, Florida), shares the signs, symptoms and range of treatments for Osteosarcoma, the most common canine cancer that accounts for 85% of all malignancies originating in the skeleton. The show concludes with the heartbreaking final walk that Gene, Donna and Molly took with Mac.