One Life Left -- s11e17 -- #258 -- In A-Nova Castle

Resonance FM: Everything show

Summary: With Ste in Finland listening to Placebo and performing Marioke it meant that Simon and Ann were in the studio by themselves. Well, apart from the Super-Special Guests. And we got some amazing Super-Special Guests with Alex and Sean from Castle Magazine and Eddie Lee from Funktronic Labs coming into the studio. Alex and Sean were in to talk about Castle Magazine, which is due to launch in the first quarter of next year, providing that their crowdsourcing is successful and that they agree on how to correctly pronounce Castle. We had a look at their promotional postcards and queried their DPIs, before Ann got worried about what DPI stood for. Our other Super-Special Guest Eddie was a major test of where Simon's loyalties lie. You see Eddie's new game - Nova 111 - is being published by Curve digital, which is where Simon's second less-important job is. Would Simon give Eddie the usual OLL interview treatment or would he not even ask what colour his game was? We did find out that it's a turn-based real-time action game and it's already picked up a few awards so it does sound like it'll be pretty good. From our contributors we had Doctor Avatar making a return to the hospital wards and Sega Badawi providing some local news. We also found out that Simon is making a new game under the advice of Tom Francis, how Chinese holiday tours really make their money and that we shouldn't make Ritchie and Josh the talent handlers angry as they nearly destroyed the studio when they were calm. Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track list: 1. Bitmap Brothers - Gods Theme 2. Spaszaki - Trance (Casio) 3. Brink - Joe Schmoe in Rio 4. Rob Hubbard - Crazy Comets theme 5. TLG Chiptunes - Mr Brightside