Cosplay: When Is Too Little Too Much?!

The GalaxyCast Podcast! Reviews of STAR WARS:Rebels on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network show

Summary: In this episode of the GalaxyCast: We talk about all sorts of Celebration VII announcements including the Costume Contest, the "Rebels" cast being on site, the release of the schedule, and the Ralph McQuarrie concept art. We also discuss the possible release of another Star Wars: Battlefront game and the possibility that the Star Wars Live Action TV Show is still a live project. We then debate PAX's take on booth babes and whether cosplayers are underdressing too often. Finally, we review three fan films: "I.M.P.S.: The Relentless", "Episode II: Vengeance of the Jedi", and "Tie Fighter-short film" and give you our thoughts on them. In this episode: We discuss the Star Wars Costume Contest at Celebration VII. - We talk about the announcement that the "Rebels" cast will be at Celebration VII. - We also discuss the Ralph McQuarrie concept art to be released and the schedule is released for Celebration VII. - Then we discuss the possible release of another Battlefront game by EA. - Next, we discuss the ressurection of a Star Wars Live Action TV Show. Where there be a point of "over-saturation"? - We finally discuss the topic of PAX, Booth Babes, and the sudden shift in Conventions wanting to control what people will see at their shows. Is too little too much? Finally, the Council reviews the Star Wars Fan Films: "I.M.P.S.: The Relentless" (found online at, "Episode II: Vengeance of the Jedi","Tie Fighter-short film" (found online at Remember we want to hear from you!